Gumnaam Hai Koi - Chapter 2

This was a very big project for me, as it was my first Feature Film and I had the responsibility of DP (Director of Photography) in it. It was made by some of the very talented Indie Filmmakers of Assam, India.

It was a thriller, crime film including a lots of suspense and somewhat a pinch of romance, the first part was actually a romantic thriller film, which had a dramatical twist at the end with a murder.

So in this part the film starts from that murder sequence and is revolving around it with some thrill and suspense. Basically its a murder mystery to solve.

This project actually helped me grow as a Filmmaker as well as gain a huge amount of experience which can only be learnt in the set. 

The most important thing I learnt by operating the Camera is composition and movement as well as the vision behind it. There is no end in learning, the more I do the more I learn.

And about the lighting, I would say I have had some of my favorite shots till now. Before the Film, I knew about lighting still I spent days learning more about it in-depth.

I wanted to give my best and yes of-course, everyone was impressed I can say that. I got tons of compliments for the value I have added to the film with my lighting and camera work.

I am looking forward to collaborate in other films or make my own films in near future, to learn in-depth lighting, composition, framing and camera movement.

Films aren't just a good story and beautiful visuals. Its an art to express thoughts, memories, feelings, wish, wants, imagination, motivation, reality, humanity, nobility, desire, power, weakness, selflessness & many more just within a single frame.