I am Errix Gudfrid

A Filmmaker & DP

from India.

"I believe Filmmaking is something where I always try to be as perfect as I can to give the utmost quality to videos every damn time."

As a Director of Photography, I always prioritize the visual elements of a video in order to effectively convey the story and theme. I like to be versatile when working with lighting to achieve the desired look. Similarly, when operating the camera, I enjoy experimenting with different angles and movements to capture the best composition and tell a more creative visual story.

I prefer to operate the camera myself as it allows me to capture shots more precisely according to my imagination. Additionally, I can make necessary changes while filming without interrupting the flow. Overall, I enjoy the process of Cinematography and strive to create visually stunning videos.

I Ain't No Filmmaker Without These Videos...

Cinematography Show-reel - 2022

The Vibe of Ramadan - 2022

Delhi Darshan - 2022

DARK - Short Film on Depression - 2021

Cinematic Township - 2021

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Available for Projects: Short Films, Commercials, Feature Films & Documentaries

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