Wanna know about Me?

Errix Gudfrid is a very Talented & Skilled FILMMAKER/DP from Northeastern part of India called Silchar, Assam. He was attracted to Cameras when he was just a kid and wanted to have one when he is grown up but little did he knew that he will fall in love with it when he is actually grown up and become a Filmmaker Professionally one day.

His journey started from randomly learning about the process of filmmaking, where he instantly felt a connection with it. His curiosity of learning more about the art of Filmmaking made him realize what he really wanted to do for the rest of his life.

So he took a risk and started learning about it everyday, while also creating some amazing videos for his YouTube channel where he received a lots of appreciation for his work and imagination, and the magic he creates with his Camera work and Lighting Techniques.

After Making videos and Short Films for a while and creating magic with his Camera, he then gets a chance to work on a Commercial/Ad where his professional career began as a D.O.P (Director of Photography) followed by a Feature Film in which he was the D.O.P of that entire Project and while working on such projects he gained so much experience and knowledge that now he is very confident to make the next move and take more responsibilities in the Film Industry to make an IMPACT with his Creativity and Skills.

You can always visit the "Projects" page and learn more about different projects he had worked on to know more about his style of Filmmaking & Cinematography.

Projects would love to be onboard: Short Films, Commercials, Feature Films & Documentaries.

"Filmmaking is something I am always excited about, being someone who can express his thoughts through the lens in the most beautiful way possible is a blessing in this crazy busy world."

Well, Thanks for Reading..