Nobody Saw It Coming - Assam Flood Documentary

It was the month of May 2022, when more than a week of heavy rainfall led to the most devastating flood of Assam, India Since 2004. This is a Project I didn't intend to make but nature made me.

In this project I Filmed & Edited the whole video.

The sudden arrival of water due to the overflown river destroyed hundreds of houses and thousands of people became homeless overnight.

Their houses either had been destroyed by the flood water or been partially or fully submerged in water. This happened overnight and in a fraction of time they were literally drowning in their own houses.

They had to gather whatever they could and leave their home to move to the nearest shelter they find, most people could gather only few essential things in a very little time they had.

They moved to the nearest shelter with their families and lived in a not so very favorable and very unhealthy situation. But that wasn't a choice no more, was that?

They lost their jobs/business and became unemployed with very less or no money in their hand to feed their families.

They were scared for their future, their survival, their families. The look on their eyes tells everything. The amount of pain they went through is unimaginable.

Yet they managed to smile and cherish each other to go through that tough time hoping one day it will all be over and someone might come to help them at some point.

It was very heart warming situation where we shot the interview, since then we realized how natural disaster like flood can change our whole world overnight.

I would say, we should be happy with and appreciate what we have, because these people lost everything in overnight and you can too.