This project is a Commercial/Advertisement made for Fertility Dost Community, a video based on real story to encourage & help women in their pregnancy.

In this project I was the Director of Photography which gave me an immersive experience while working with other professionals.

Being responsible only for the lighting and the camera department gave me the independence to focus more on my creativity.

At this point I became clear of my vision, what I wanted to be and this is where my Professional career started as a D.O.P (Director of Photography).

This Project was a challenge for us in a small city to find good actors and locations to shoot on.

But luckily we knew some good actors and co-incidentally we found the perfect match for the actors compared to the real story.

Location hunting was somehow a bit tiring but after two long days of searching, finally we got exactly what we required.

Everyone from actors to the whole team has contributed their knowledge and skills very precisely to deliver the best they can.

And this is the final video that we created for Fertility Dost which is indeed a very heart touching story you must watch.

Next Project (Working on it...)