I am Errix Gudfrid

A Filmmaker & DP from India.

"I believe Filmmaking is something where I always try to be as perfect as I can to give the outmost quality to videos every damn time."

Being a Director of Photography, I always priorities the look and feel of the video as it should match the story and the theme precisely. I like to be more versatile while working with lights to deliver the best visual look possible and so with the camera, I like to experiment a bit with camera angles and movements to capture the best composition possible in order to tell a visual story in a more creative way.

I mostly prefer to operate the camera by myself as it will let me capture more precisely according to my imagination and also in some cases make any necessary changes while rolling if needed without interruption. And also because I love to operate the camera too.

I Ain't No Filmmaker Without These Videos...

Cinematography Show-reel - 2022

The Vibe of Ramadan - 2022

Delhi Darshan - 2022

DARK - Short Film on Depression - 2021

Cinematic Township - 2021

Best of My YouTube Videos...

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Available for Projects: Short Films, Commercials, Feature Films & Documentaries

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